• Thermosetting plastic injection moulding
  • Mould tool design and manufacture
  • Rapid prototyping
Introduction to Newtown Plastics Limited

Thermosetting plastic moulding manufacturers

using customer's own tooling
Or new tooling supplied
Mould tool design & manufacture
3D CAD modelling of products and tooling
Rapid prototyping

Who we are

Simon Church, Director, has over 20 years experience in Plastic Moulding.
our plastic injection moulding team operates 24 hours per day 7 days per week,
producing Injection mouldings from thermoplastics.
We are UK based, in Mid-Wales supplying customers world wide.
Moulding plastic components in multi-colours - we have a flexible response - large or small runs no problem
Maximum shot weight 500 g
Injection moulding machine capacities from 22 to 300 tonne clamping force
Injection mould tooling design and manufacture

2D and 3D CAD modelling of products and tooling,
and rapid prototypes, can be provided. - Component assembly work undertaken.

A recent innovative project, supported by the Welsh Government’s SMART Cymru Programme and part financed by the European Regional Development Fund, has allowed us to streamline our process, improve productivity and remain competitive thereby securing future business.

Products which we manufacture under contract:

Caps & Closures, threaded, push-on, overcap, can be supplied with cap seals or wadding
Display caskets in crystal styrene
Plastic components for machinery, furniture, industrial equipment, material handling, tools, aquatic and horticulture, pharmaceutical, retail, construction, automotive, aerospace, electrical, and leisure industries.
Please contact us by email or telephone with your plastic injection moulding enquiry.

Our own product ranges;

trade enquiries welcomed - Overseas agents sought.
Pets toys, an expanding range available.
Components for the fishing trade.
Plastic handles.
Plastic hooks.
Polypot shrimp sectional pots.
Lobster pot components.

Special features & processes;

Moulded lettering, Laser marking, Printing, Silk screen printing, Foil labelling, machining, threads, adhesive application, metal tags and inserts, ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic cleaning, Metallised finishes in various materials and colours using vacuum deposition (sputtering)
Painted and coated finishes available

Materials available:

Polypropylene - homopoly Polypropylene - random co-polymer Polypropylene - co-polymer Chrystal Styrene High density Polyethylene Low density Polyethylene Nylon
Thermosetting materials: Epoxy resins Engineering plastics PEEK PPS PBT PA6 PA66 ABS DMC PC/ABS POM

Our goals

We seek continuous improvement and investment in people. at our modern well maintained plant

Tooling ownership

Tooling ownership arranged by mutual discussion.
Mould tool outright purchase.
Mould tool leasing is available.
Your own mould tools may be used.